Ahsha Reads 4.0

Have Your Computer Read To You!

Proof Read Any Document From Any Windows Program!

Have Internet News Articles Read To You!

Have Your E-Mail Read To You!

An Invaluable Tool For Students To Help Proof Read Their School Work!


Simple To Use - Just select the text you would like Ahsha to read. Copy it to clipboard, and click the Read button. Ahsha will appear and read the text out loud to you. The small tool bar stays on top of the window and can be moved anywhere on the screen.

Ahsha is an animated Agent who appears on your screen and reads any text that has been copied to Windows Clipboard. Two Agents included.

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Ahsha Reads

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Uses For The Ahsha Reads Software

1) Read E-Mail messages.

2) Read long string of numbers in Excel and other Spreadsheet programs.

3) Proof read documents in any Windows program.

4) Read news articles on websites.

5) Proof read your e-mail before sending it.

6) Read on-line books.

7) Students can proof read school projects.

8) Read technical documents.

9) Helps children with their reading and writing.

10) Will read anything you type, or anything copied to clipboard.

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1) Select any block of text by highlighting it. CTRL plus A will select all the text.

2) Press CTRL plus C on the keyboard.

3) Press the Read button on the Ahsha Reads Tool Bar.

Ahsha will appear and read the text that was copied to clipboard. When Ahsha is finished reading, you can hide him by clicking the Hide button. To have Ahsha stop reading, click the Stop button. By clicking the Read button again, Ahsha will begin reading from the beginning of the text again.

Other Features:

Agent: Change the Agent. Two characters included in this program.

Balloon On/ Balloon Off : Choose between displaying the text Ahsha is reading in a cartoon balloon. Feature can be turned on or off.

Limitations: There is no pause and resume feature in this version of Ahsha Reads.

System Requirements:

Pentium 266 or higher with 32 MB Ram.

Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista

Sound Card

To use Ahsha Reads, simply copy any Windows text to clipboard, by highlighting the text and pressing the Control Key plus C. Or you can simply copy the text to clipboard by selecting the text and clicking on Copy from the Edit menu in most any Windows program.

Registering Ahsha Reads:

To register Ahsha Reads, purchase it for only $6.00 from our website, or call us at 1-800-707-9875. We will e-mail you a registration key. Click the About button on the palette and enter your registration key. Restart the software.

License Agreement:

© 1995-2007 Knightlite Software Company.
All Rights Reserved.
License Agreement:
Ahsha Reads Version 4.0 for use with Microsoft Windows.

Ahsha Reads is furnished under license and can only be used on the machines described in the license agreement. The user installation CD can only be copied as a means of backup. They can not be sold or freely distributed to anyone else.

The Buyer has the right to install this software on two computers the Buyer (individual person) actually owns. It can not be copied to any other machine. Organizations or municipalities may purchase and install it on one machine. Multiple machine installation licenses can be obtained from Knightlite at reasonable prices. Individuals and organizations or municipalities can not freely distribute this software to their members or employees.

Knightlite assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors in the software or the User guide. We also assume no responsibility or liability for anyone implementing any of the information described in the software package. There is no warranty for this software. The software is sold AS IS and you accept the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the software. Unpublished rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United States. Internet demo version allows the user to use this software 13 times before they must register it.

The source code for this software is exclusively owned by Knightlite Software Company and can not be decompiled, reversed engineer, disassembled or otherwise reduce the software to a human-perceivable form.

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