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Windows Study Software For Firefighters And Fire Officers

The basic strategies of modern day firefighting have not changed. They encompass the basics of protecting life, confining the fire, and extinguishing it. What has changed is the tactics employed by firefighters, along with the newest advances in technology, that allow firefighters to fight fires more efficiently and in totally different ways than how fires were fought 30 years ago. John Norman's, Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, Second Edition presents fire officers a way to evaluate problems, as well as developing solutions, that will fit the situations that firefighters may face, with or without a large number of firefighters at their side.


Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics Study Helper helps to test a fire officer's knowledge of the tactics involved in firefighting, not only to assist them in promotional tests, but also to make them better officers.

Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics Study Helper is a Flashcard\Multiple-Choice Test software program for firefighters, based on Fire-Engineering's, Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics, Second Edition by John Norman.

Tests can be taken on-screen or can be printed out in a variety of ways.

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Features And Screen Shots:

Table Of Contents Screen

The Questions - There are 954 questions in the registered software package spanning 18 chapters. Plus a Terminology section containing relevant definitions from the Norman text.

The Main Testing Screen

User Control - As with all Knightlite Software, our focus has always been on giving the user as many ways to manipulate the questions as possible. We have many features included in Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics Study Helper, with the sole purpose of making it easier for the user to learn the material.


1) Page References to Fire Engineering's, Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics, 2nd Edition for easy look up of questions. Space on the notes pages to add your own comments, hints, or notes to the questions.

2) The ability to search the database for key words. Example - Search for Rollover - Returns all the questions which contain the word Rollover.

3) Keeps track of your progress three ways. Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics Study Helper has three ways to track your mistakes.

A) In one module you can list questions that you incorrectly answered in the past. Once you answer the question correctly it clears that question from it's memory.

B) The Elephant Memory never forgets your incorrectly answered questions until you clear the memory yourself. This allows you to drill on difficult questions. Once you have mastered these questions you can clear the elephant memory.

C) The third method allows you to take an on-screen test and print out the test results. The results will display all the questions with the answers. Incorrectly answered questions are also displayed showing the correct answer and the answer you selected. You can then print out these results or save the results to a file to open and review later.

4) Save your last session. With a click of the mouse you can return to your previous session to continue taking a test.

Create Custom Test Packages That Can Be Saved To Disk Or Printed Out.

5) Wizards that build test packages. With our easy-to-use test package wizard you can create tests, which can build test packages that contain questions, answer sheets, and answer sheet correction keys. These packages can then be saved to disk and opened at a later time to be printed out. They can also be sent over the Internet and opened by another computer using Knightlite Software. Save or Print Out Results Of Your Test. Records which questions were answered correctly, incorrectly or not at all. Also includes the user's name and address and the starting and stopping times.

Create Random Tests By Selecting The Chapters And The Number Of Questions You Would Like Included In Your Test.

6) The ability to create random tests 3 ways. You can create a random test from a single chapter, multiple chapters or the entire test bank can be randomized. We allow you to choose which chapters you wish to include in your test as well as the number of questions you would like asked in the test. The test can then be taken on screen or printed out, complete with answer sheets and answer sheet correction keys. Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics Study Helper gives you the ability to print out tests in a variety of ways.

7) Answer Questions On Screen In A Variety Of Ways. See the correct answer when you click on an answer option, or wait until you have finished taking the test to see your results. Fly through tests using Turbo Answer, or just take your time and really learn the material. You can choose between 4 answering modes.

Terminology Library

8) Terminology - Easily look up terminology using our reference section. (Demo Version has a limited number of definitions) Print out the entire glossary and hand it out to students, or create printed terminology quizzes; either by straight definition or "Jeopardy" style.

Edit your definition library, and add hundreds of more words.

9) Highlight And Search Feature:
The Highlight And Search Feature lets you highlight selected words or phrases within our question database, then click on the library button on the toolbar, and Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics Study Helper will take you to our "Terminology Section" where it will display the definition for the word. If the highlighted word is not found in the Terminology Section it will prompt you to add it to the library, if you would like. It is a fast, easy way to look up terminology while in the process of taking a test on-screen.


10) Create Flashcards You Can Print Out:
Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics Study Helper lets you print out flashcards, so you can continue to study when you are away from your computer. Select any test, or create a custom test, then print out flashcards. Save the flashcard file and print them later on another computer.

11) Graphically See Your Improvement:

Fire Officer's Handbook Of Tactics Study Helper comes with a handy-dandy graphing tool that can keep track of your last 10 test results. Simply select your name from the list box on the "Notes Palette", and click "SAVE RESULTS." Your score will be saved for the test you just completed.

12) Auto-Numbering Of Questions:
If you would like to add your own questions to the database, you will appreciate the auto-numbering feature. It searches for the last number and then assigns the next number in the progression.

13) Optional Ability To Unlock - Knightlite TestMaker Upgrade Module - For an additional $19.95 you can unlock Knightlite TestMaker Upgrade Module and use it along with Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics Study Helper. Knightlite TestMaker gives the user the ability to create up to 21 different user defined test chapters. You can write in your own questions or pick and choose specific questions from any chapter using this very useful software. A great tool for instructors.


Other Features:

1) Edit, add, or delete any question from any of the 18 Fire Officer's Handbook chapters. You can easily add questions to your Fire Officer's Handbook chapters. We have given the user complete control over the question database.

2) On-line Timer And Score Calculator - You can time yourself to see how long a test takes
you, using the on-line timer. Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics Study Helper also keeps track of your score while you take a test.

3) On-Line Documentation And Printed User Guide - The program is extremely intuitive, however if you have any
questions press "Help" on the main test menu. Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics Study Helper also ships with a printed User Guide.

4) Create your own test - The standard version of Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics Study Helper allows you to make one custom test bank.

5) Optional sound effects - Insults you when you make a mistake praises you when you are correct - Not to worry default setting is OFF.

System Requirements:

Pentium Class Computer
At Least 16 MB Ram (32 MB Recommended)
Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP
CD Rom Drive

At Least 5 MB Free Hard Drive Space
VGA Graphics Card (16 Million Colors Recommended)

Recommended Resolution 800 x 600 - System Set To Small Fonts
Mouse Or Other Pointing Device

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