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All Dining Tables Are Custom Made.

Cherry Shaker Dining Table With Windsor Chairs

This was a beautiful cherry Shaker dining table we built during the Summer of 1998. You will notice that the Windsor chairs are darker than the table. Traditionally Windsor chairs are constructed from three types of wood; Ash, Pine, and Maple. These chairs were stained to match how the cherry table will look in one year. Because cherry oxidizes when exposed to sunlight and oxygen, we stained the chairs to look like the aged cherry. The table by now matches the color of the chairs.


This shot shows the beautiful grain of the cherry.


Queen Anne Extension Table

Shaker Dining Table

Dining Table with carved skirt, tapered legs, and thumbnail top.

Windsor Chairs Are Stained To Match The Table Finish

Note: These chairs are available through our shop.

Another Queen Anne Extension Table

Simple Cherry Kitchen Table

Custom Kitchen Table

Custom Dining Table

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